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Innotech products help banks accelerate their digital transformation with lightweight, flexible, and agile technology solutions. Our solutions increase flexibility and efficiency of banking by leveraging the ability to quickly deliver products to the market and cooperate with a broad network of partners. The key benefit is that our client banks can use our solutions without changing their core systems.

  • Digital Banking Platform
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Open Banking API
Digital Banking Platform
  • Digital Banking Platform
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Open Banking API
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    Digital Banking Platform
    Drive engagement and revenue with digital banking

    Digital Banking Platform is a flexible solution for the dynamic development of digital customer interaction channels, allowing banks to bring a better customer experience at a minimal cost. The platform's openness enables freedom in alignment with any IT infrastructure.

    With Digital Banking Platform, banks can add new products and services for retail and business customers in a matter of days.

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    Internet Banking
    Deliver rich, personalized services anytime, anywhere from any device

    Internet Banking is a web-application allowing bank customers to interact with the bank, manage personal data and bank communication without visiting the bank. With a highly customizable and user-friendly interface, it is based on a modern microservice architecture that works in a unified environment and enables robust access to existing/new services and bank communication.

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    Mobile Banking
    Bring your customers mobile experience to the next level
    The Mobile Banking application facilitates interaction between clients and banks and ensures control over client data. In addition to all Internet Banking advantages, the Mobile Banking helps get the most of the features offered by mobile platforms: FaceID or fingerprint identification, NFC support, integration with wearable devices.
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    Open Banking API
    Create new revenue streams with partner ecosystem

    Open Banking API helps enhance the range of products and services provided by banks through their partners. The product offers an open standard of interaction between banks and partners and includes API management and development tools, partner and community management tools, sandboxes, and more. Delivering external products and services to banks customers has never been easier.

    To create our products and implement complex projects, we use the most recent technological stack.

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  • java
  • react
  • docker
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  • hadoop
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  • php
  • SQL
  • ruby
  • ETCD
  • swift
  • sql
  • HELM
  • scala
  • React
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  • JAVA
  • RUBY
  • OpenShift
  • c#
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  • spark

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  • Decreased Time-to-Market
  • Personalised offerings
  • New sources of revenue
  • Improved customer retention rate
  • Reduced development costs
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