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Innotech projects became winners in 6 categories at the Global CIO “Project of The Year” Award
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Innotech conducts a training program for The Central Bank of Uzbekistan
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Innotech recognized as one of the top 3 IT providers for financial sector
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Innotech Was Recognised as the Best IT Company for Fintech
Innotech got two awards for breakthrough technology and digitisation at the VII Forum Time of Innovation
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Innotech receives “The Best Banking Software of The Year” Award
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Innotech shares its expertise at the “Digital Transformation Pulse” Forum
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Innotech highlights important digital transformations trends at the IV International Municipal BRICS+ Forum
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Innotech Wins TAdviser IT Prize 2022 Award
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Innotech CEO discusses the future of fintech at the RBC.TECH Forum
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Innotech discussed important Web 3.0 issues at the FINOPOLIS Forum
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