Innotech CEO discusses the future of fintech at the RBC.TECH Forum.
Innotech, the leading provider of high-tech digital transformation solutions was involved in the public session dedicated to financial technology. The company was represented by its CEO Dmitry Kharitonov. The RBC.TECH Forum is a place for industry experts to share their insights and development experience as well as best practices on product integration. The event participants also discuss real-life business cases and application of different solutions available on the market.
Fintech became a particular highlight of this year’s event. Representatives from different companies analysed current business connections between the industry in Russia and the rest of the world, and examined the capabilities of already developed products.
The public discussions highlighted newly-emerged demands for commercial solutions and resulted in several important takeaways, such as the need for Russian IT-industry to achieve self-sufficiency.
Among other topics of the Fin.Tech public talk and the forum in general were protection of sensitive data and predictions on future industry development.
Innotech has introduced several new products this year, ensuring the integrity of important business operations of its partners. Dmitry Kharitonov shared our experience with the audience and emphasized the need to consolidate efforts toward technological independency.
“The current trend for technological independence increases the demand for Russian-developed software. Today Innotech shares an important goal with the rest of the industry, which is supplying business and government organizations with products as per their demands and specifications”, said Dmitry.