Innotech (part of T1 Group), a leading supplier of high-tech business digitisation solutions, presented its new developments at ICTWEEK 2022, the Week of Information and Communication Technologies of Uzbekistan. The event was attended by senior government officials, managers of IT companies, international experts and analysts. One of the key ICTWEEK discussion topics was the new operating climate for Russian IT companies and the role of Russian business and technologies in implementing projects in Uzbekistan.
IT strategy in the "new normal"
With software vendors leaving the Russian market, a game-changing period started for the Russian IT industry. Today, one of the key objectives for the sector is to achieve technological independence from foreign software in order to increase cybersecurity and develop the internal technological potential. There already is a wide range of entirely Russian-designed solutions that assist business in dealing with important tasks.
Projects promoting innovation in the country become paramount. All the market players have to engage in proactive import substitution, which means developing and implementing technologies to substitute imported software we'll need tomorrow, not today. Enhancing our technological sovereignty is crucial. When most IT products are manufactured internally or in partner countries, risks of supply interruption are minimised", noted Dmitry Kharitonov, CEO at Innotech, in his speech at the Digital Eurasia Forum.
Innotech projects in Uzbekistan
In the Digital Eurasia Forum, Dmitry mentioned a strong potential for future collaboration.
"Innotech is actively developing partnerships in the Uzbekistan market. We see a vacant niche in this region and in other CIS countries: our technologies are of interest here, while working with us (Russia) can be more profitable compared to the West. However, this market is significantly smaller than the one we observed in Western countries. But it is still developing, and in the long run our contributions will definitely yield substantive results", emphasized Dmitry Kharitonov CEO of Innotech.
Dmitry stated the importance of large organisations in growth of the Fintech market using the example of projects implemented by Innotech in Uzbekistan.
  • The Startup Bridge program held in March–May this year. It involved participation of founders of technological projects in Crowd-financing, BNPL, PFM, and B2B SaaS. Young entrepreneurs seeking to scale their innovative businesses to the international market took a specialised 10 weeks course supported by professional mentors and trainers and presented their pilot projects at the PLUS Forum in May. The program took place at the platform run by the corporate accelerator company UZCARD.
  • The Universal Integration Platform — a special Fintech solution, an ecosystem with services organisations might need. This might be data obtained from national information sources, insurance companies, and banks. Organisations that need such information purchase access to the platform and find relevant data. The joint project of Innotech and UNIVERSAL PLATFORMS (UZCARD) is unique on the local Uzbek market. It will allow local players to grow efficiently in the Fintech industry and grant them access to the relevant tools for interaction and efficient business monetisation.
  • Datatech, as the official distributor of the Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform designed to collect, store and process data in Uzbekistan. This development is a unified open source based corporate data platform.
Strategic partnership with OCTO
Innotech and OCTO signed a strategic partnership agreement to implement projects for digital transformation and automation of business processes.
“Today projects that contribute to the development of innovations in the country are coming to the fore in the region, and we hope that together with our colleagues from Octo we will take a big step towards the technological development of the local market”, said Dmitry Kharitonov, General Director at Innotech.
Aleksey Maksimov, General Director at OCTO emphasized the importance of partnership with Innotech. “One of OCTO’s priorities remains establishing international partnerships aimed to integrate IT solutions in business and government organizations as well as for end users. We are driven by the goal to improve the lives of millions of people in Uzbekistan and abroad and provide access to modern technologies. Innotech partnership is strategically important for OCTO. I am confident our joint projects will contribute to innovations on Uzbekistan’s IT market”, said Aleksey.
Artificial Intelligence combined with Big Data: Datatech cases, prospects in Russia and Uzbekistan
Applied artificial intelligence and introduction of machine learning are two most prominent technological trends. Application of AI-powered solutions entails a number of advantages for organisations: increased efficiency of business processes, more effective decision-making, higher labour productivity, product and service improvement. Such solutions are likely to drive effective digital transformation in Uzbekistan and help the country unlock its entire potential. In terms of the Digital Eurasia Forum, Pavel Baburin, Director for Strategic Projects at Datatech, covered the AI capacities in detail and highlighted the high potential of the Uzbek market for projects involving new technologies.
“The Uzbekistan market is of key strategic importance for us: the country's technology sector is developing, availability of IT services is increasing, while certain niches in the data handling sphere are still vacant. One of the fields we are planning to develop together with our local partners is DataFusion in Uzbekistan. We will also help drive business towards digital transformation", Pavel Baburin stated.
All activities of Innotech at ICTWEEK 2022
  • Presentation: IT Strategy in the "New Normal". Speaker: Dmitry Kharitonov, CEO of Innotech.
  • Presentation: Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of New Technologies. Speaker: Pavel Baburin, Director for Strategic Projects at Datatech.
  • New agreement signed: strategic partnership with OCTO.
All the solutions of Innotech and Datatech company were exhibited at a separate booth. Participants of ICTWEEK 2022 had a possibility to learn about a wide range of solutions for business, including the Digital Banking Platform, Big Data analysis solutions, DION corporate communications platform and AIR All-in-one HR-platform.