Innotech, the leading provider of digital transformation solutions for business, took part in the IV International Municipal BRICS+ Forum. This year’s edition focused on such topics as today’s global trends and adaptation to the current market environment.
The joint T1 Group and Innotech stand featured more than 16 products and solutions for business, including the Digital Banking Platform, the DION corporate communications platform, the Comitet solution for online meetings, the T1 SFERA software development platform and the All-in-one HR-platform AIR. IM BRICS+ Forum participant also had a chance to explore Innotech’s latest solution, the MIRION graph platform. The product was first presented at FINOPOLIS 2022 in Moscow.
Innotech’s participation at the IM BRICS+ Forum was an important step towards expanding its cooperation and partner network in Asia, South America and Africa. The company was represented by its CEO Dmitry Kharitonov and his First Deputy and Business Development Director Aleksey Volynkin.
At the plenary session Dmitry highlighted the new opportunities Russian companies have been presented with after foreign businesses left the country. Innotech CEO pointed out the need for Russian-based fintech companies to continue developing open source software while expanding their mutual cooperation. This, in turn, will allow to expand the application area for the newly developed products and provide new opportunities for the IT market. As one of the key IT players in Russia, Innotech stands ready to share its expertise.
“At the moment Russia does not depend on foreign technology. The country managed to build up its own technological sovereignty. Today we are witnessing a large number of new use case scenarios for the recently emerged innovations. Russian IT companies posses the expertise and technology required to replace foreign products and continue their development”, said Dmitry.
“How innovations change the bank industry” was another discussion Innotech CEO participated in. Dmitry alongside other leading experts discussed the integration strategies for innovations that can be used by financial organizations. Session participants pointed out the defining contribution banks make toward digital transformation within the country. Experts highlighted a number of ways bank can compete with IT companies as well as requirements a company should meet in order to ensure its ongoing development.
“The demand for Russian software continues to increase, both from business and government organizations. Product customization became one of the leading requirements for a fintech company to stay on par with competitors. This, along with flexibility and time-to-market, are now the key success factors. In essence these are the principles Innotech is basing its work on when developing new solutions. We aim for our products to fully meet customer demands and be cost-cost efficient in terms of business operations”, said Innotech CEO.
“The Companies of the Future: Business Transformation and Digital Services” was the final session featuring Innotech with Alexey Volynkin, Deputy CEO and Business Development Director, joining the discussion. Aleksey noted that digital transformation is the driving force of company’s development and its customer operations. Innotech’s Deputy CEO described how the company products use innovative approaches to help banks accelerate digital transformation and improve customer liaison through several different channels. Concluding the discussion, experts noted that high efficiency of innovation integration allows companies to both improve business operations and internal corporate environment.
“Banks and financial organizations are trying to move online from the traditional offline foundation. A part of tasks previously handled by employees are now re-assigned to automated instruments. This however does not change the increasing staff demands, it just changes the candidate requirements. The current trends in fintech are impossible to stop at this point. If a company decides to evade digital transformation it risks losing the competition”, said Aleksey.
The IV International Municipal BRICS+ Forum is an annual event traditionally held in Russia. It provides a common ground for business and government organizations from different countries to share their experience and unite efforts towards shared goals. This year’s event gathered over 4000 participants from more than 40 countries.