Innotech, the leading provider of digital transformation solutions for business, became a partner of the digital transformation leaders’ Forum organized by FCongress. The company was represented by its CEO Dmitry Kharitonov.
Digital technology has been rapidly expanding its presence in our lives over the last few years. We can now say for certain this year’s digital “shakeup” involved every industry one way or another, including fintech. Business had to adapt to the new environment, find new solutions, move on to new software, launch its own products and search for alternatives. All of these processes together accelerated the development for both IT and related industries.
The “Digital Transformation Pulse” Forum became a place for digital market players to exchange their experience and discuss best practices. Among the topics discussed were digital transformation of different industries under sanctions, replacement of foreign products with Russian software, cybersecurity, staff shortage solutions, adaptation to the new logistical chains and consumption models. Forum participants included top managers from telecommunications, retail and fintech companies along with other IT businesses and government regulator organizations.
Dmitry Kharitonov became one of the speakers of the session “Digital support of industries and technology management”. Innotech CEO shared his views on digital transformation of non-IT industries based on the company experience and relevant market research. The new environment forced Russian business to re-evaluate their top priorities. For instance, companies are now often choosing partners that help them modify Russian software per their specific needs as well as help them organize the creation of target modules internally. Dmitry also brought up several successful examples of software widely used in Russia and CIS countries.
“Entire layers of the Russian IT market that involve operational systems, office solutions, system software and data management are now becoming available due to foreign companies leaving the country. Already back in March the demand for Russian software solutions increased by 300% compared to the same period a year earlier. Further research in June established that at least one third of companies are planning to move their operations over to Russian-developed software. Today Russian developers must plan ahead for years to come and develop their products based on such demands as cybersecurity, customization and easy-to-use interface” , said Dmitry Kharitonov.
He also pointed out the pandemic and sanctions being the driving force for the national IT industry, despite their negative sides. The number of Russian software available for business continues to increase. Several industries, such as banking, already have everything they need to move on to fully Russian digital infrastructure. Having examined the business demands from the inside, Russian software developers are now creating solutions as per all key requirements. These trends along with obtained experience allow companies to create Russian software with several advantages compared to foreign counterparts.
The “Digital Transformation Pulse” Forum took place on the 30th of November. The event was attended by the leading digital market representatives, including top managers of digital companies, telecommunications, media e-commerce, fintech retail and IT as well as experts from largest banks.