Innotech (part of T1 Group), a leading supplier of innovative business digitisation solutions, has won the National Information Technology Award in the Corporate Sector TAdviser IT Prize 2022 in the Import Substitution: VC Service of the Year nomination. Innotech was given a special mention by the panel of experts for creating the DION Russian corporate communications platform.
Based on the world’s best practices and approaches, DION is a Russian corporate communications platform with the stringent security requirements. The platform ensures failure-free operation and absolute data confidentiality: DION is a cloud system, with the data stored within the customer company.
Perfect functionality makes DION fully compliant with the current market requirements. Up to 1,000 peers can join the same conference, with no restrictions as to the number of virtual rooms and the conference duration.
The platform functions also include:
• Screen and video streaming;
• Event recording;
• Microphone and user control during the conference;
• Noise suppression on the basis of neural networks;
• Changing the background during live streaming;
• Lobby and restriction of access for attendees;
• Guest login without creating an account or registration;
• Text chat;
• Raising hands.
DION has low requirements for the communication channel and ensures stable connection so that users can join a conference from anywhere in the world. The platform ensures stable connection — video and sound are not interrupted even with unstable Internet connection. One of DION’s important advantages is its unlimited geography, and the product’s mobile application can be installed on any operating system and device.
Innotech began working on the platform in 2021 and presented the solution at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum on 16 June 2022. Today, DION already has more than 50,000 accounts and more than 1,000,000 events. The platform is included in the Register of Russian Software.
“Today DION is both a communications platform and an important tool for corporate management. It allows companies to significantly change business operations by reducing formalities and increasing efficiency. We are glad our product was released to the market when it was most needed and is currently in high demand. Industry recognition is the highest reward possible. It also brings in a huge responsibility. We fully realize this and will continue our efforts to improve our product and collect feedback from its users. We aim to provide the most comfortable user experience possible”, Dmitry Kharitonov, CEO of Innotech commented.
TAdviser IT prize is a national information technology award in the corporate sector established by TAdviser. The award organisers select the most efficient IT projects, monitor the achievements of companies and industry professionals.
The award ceremony took place at the TAdviser SummIT site in Moscow on 29 November.