We have successfully participated in the XVI NCSA Forum that took place on July 7–8 and was organised by the National Association of Corporate Secretaries.
Our team conducted some business meetings and communicated with the Forum guests at the Innotech booth, while Vitaly Mzokov, Director of Venture Studio, took part in the Corporate Governance: Russian IT Solutions session.
The successful presentation of the Innotech's new product—a solution for organising and holding meetings with the protection of any transferred data—truly became a key milestone of the Forum.
"The new product is designed to plan and take part in remote meetings online using a laptop or mobile device. It's an all-Russian solution included in the Unified Register of Russian Software. This solution by Innotech greatly facilitates the exchange of materials and opinions during a meeting, automates the decision-making process via its voting feature, and reduces the time a participant spends on preparing for the meeting and getting back the results. In addition, this product can be easily integrated with any corporate applications," says Vitaly Mzokov, Director of Venture Studio, Innotech.
Speaking of other benefits of the new product, Vitaly noted security and end-to-end integration with DION, Russian video conferencing system:
"Our product is a Russian solution from A to Z and has no foreign "roots". We have paid a great deal of attention to solution security by applying a systemic approach to cyber-security and development supervision."
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