Experts from Datatech (Innotech’s business unit), Gazprombank and VTB gathered in Tashkent on the 8th of February to share their expertise with the regional business community. The seminar covered a number of key areas, such as business operations under constant changes, crisis management, internal audit operations, Big Data and data analysis. The event attracted over 100 risk specialists from Uzbekistan’s largest companies and banks.
“Operational risks are a part of every of every business process, product and system related within financial organizations. Hence, risk management becomes one of the key priorities for any bank. In line with regulatory organizations around the world, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan has introduced a set of requirements for risk managements that involves utilizing modern technology and automation. Innotech has vast experience in these areas. We are actively helping regional businesses integrate new technology and are already receiving positive feedback from our clients. We value our joint initiatives with the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, and we are happy to have experts from VTB and Gazprombank share their expertise on the seminar alongside our team. International cooperation is one of the key steps towards creating an effective risk management strategy”, - said Oleg Antsiferov, Director of the Business Development Department at Innotech.
Datatech was represented by Varvara Solodilova, Head of Analytics Group for non-financial risks. Together with the company’s leading specialists Varvara shared some practical approaches on:
• Operational risks, audit of different types of risks and ways to improve data collection.
• Corporate environment, links between central data storage and internal audit systems.
• Limits and key risk indicators and their role as instruments for risk management.
• Changes in operational risk management and how they are influenced by regulations and business goals
• Data quality management and optimization of resources. Effective strategies under the current risk environment.
• Operational integrity, international regulations and Russian experience.
Datatech specialists showcased their software solutions for risk management and took part in the panel discussion “Operational risks: challenges and trends”.
The company has been participating in Uzbekistan’s key business events for 2 years now. Our initiatives in the country play an important role in development of regional fintech solutions as well contribute to the increase of Russian tech export. Our combined efforts with businesses in Uzbekistan positively influence IT industries in both countries and solidify government relations.