Innotech, the leading provider of cutting-edge digital transformation solutions, became an official CIPR partner. The conference took place in Nizhniy Novgorod on June 1-3. The event involved discussions on digital economy and development of Russian technological export. A big focus of the conference was HR management and recruitment in IT sector. Innotech also presented its new product during the conference, the all-in-one HR platform AIR.

HR platform AIR

The new product is aimed to handle HR tasks across all stages of employee experience. Innotech’s solution allows to save time by automating routine operations as well as take care of complicated tasks using AI, Big Data and other technological approaches.
More than 1000 recruiters are already working with AIR on a regular basis. Using platform’s advantages, they manage to communicate with 1000+ candidates and get over 400 new specialists through the hiring cycle every day. AIR allows to digitally transform pre-boarding, onboarding adaptation and employee management.
The comprehensive data collection approach across all stages allows to receive analytics with increased precision. Such method also simplifies interaction between employees and superiors by connecting recruiting, administration, development and motivation blocks into a single entity.
Among other platforms advantages is an AI assistant recruiter that evaluates a candidate and handles basic communications. Testing of further recommendations system improvements are already underway. Integration of these new algorithms will make the platform even more effective and easy to use.
Experts predict AIR will considerably reduce business expenses.

The new era of HR operations

Olga Dobryakova, Deputy General Director for Strategic Developments and Organizational Development at Innotech, became an active participant of several conference events dedicated to HR and talent policy in IT. Olga shared her expertise on HR trends and relevant challenges and discussed the reasons of talent deficit and potential future developments under the constantly changing global business climate.
“Today we are able to highlight a digital transformation trend for internal business processes. The technological development opened up a new era of bionic companies. Organizations that combine human capabilities and AI manage to create the best customer experience possible as well as improve productivity and increase the integration of new technological approaches. We feel the market demand for high quality digital solutions capable of automating back office roles including HR management. Without digital transformation-based solutions, candidate search, evaluation and onboarding would drag away a considerable amount of time and resources. As the leading provider of cutting-edge digital transformation solutions with a large and experienced team, we came up with our own platform for HR management automation across all stages of employee work cycle. Our platform is a comprehensive solution capable of providing liability of all elements starting from search, evaluation and onboarding and all the way to personnel management” – says Olga.

The Digital Leadership

Mikhail Knigin, Executive Director at T1 Consulting and Deputy General Director for Investments and Special Projects at Innotech, took part in the “Kommersant” panel discussion “The Environment for Digital Leadership Development”. He shared his views on business operations in IT under the new circumstances, the new HR management approach as well as potential support and future of the industry.
“Russian IT companies have learned to compete for worldwide talents for quite some time now. The market demonstrates many IT specialists are not eager to move abroad. When such a move occurs, it is usually related to curiosity and desire to develop a personal career under a specific brand. At the same time a lot of Russian developers that were successfully moved abroad by non-Russian companies state they feel more comfortable in Russia, especially when it comes to finances. This is the primary reason why many of these specialists have already returned home. As for Russian companies attracting foreign specialists, I would highlight a trend to hire entire teams with specific skills. This can be really beneficial as a fully formed team already works effectively as a single entity with all communication elements well in place. An employer doesn’t need to spend time and resources to get all these processes up and running. The project success usually is 80% dependent on effective communications. Hence, hiring an entire and already formed team is a good practice” – says Mikhail.

Startup pitch sessions

Yulia Poslavskaya, Marketing Director at Innotech, took part in the startup pitch session as an expert. The session’s goal was to showcase cutting edge technological solutions developed by early stage startups as well as to find the right partner to apply these solutions in real-life operations. A big focus of this year’s sessions were solutions that bring organizations closer to technological independency in their key operations. A list of all CIPR activities involving participants from Innotech:
  • Meeting dedicated to preparation of specialists for using -Russian software. Speaker: Olga Dobryakova
  • Startup pitch sessions. Expert: Yulia Poslavskaya
  • The “Talent Deficit in IT” session. Speaker: Olga Dobryakova
  • The “New Era of HR Operations” session. Speaker: Olga Dobryakova
  • The “Digital Leadership Panel Discussion”. Speaker: Mikhail Knigin