Credit scoring tools are in high demand among banks. Thorough client analysis is particularly important to minimize the risks and avoid fraud activity. Innotech, the leading provider of digital transformation solutions for business, along with Datatech (the company is part of Innotech) revealed MIRION, a product that addresses the new challenge. MIRION was officially presented at the forum of innovative financial technologies, Finopolis.
MIRION’s primary goal is activity analysis of a client and its close financial circle. The platform allows to simplify decision making especially when financial operations raise suspicion and need clarification while being the key factor to draw a conclusive report.
“Innotech and Datatech chose Finopolis for the new product presentation as we see the potential of Russia’s fintech and IT industries. We believe MIRION will positively influence the establishment of country’s digital sovereignty as well as become a high-demand solution for business. Today Innotech posses the expertise and resources required to develop technologically advanced products such as MIRION. With combined efforts from other industry players and IT companies we are able to provide full independence and sustainability of the newly developed banking solutions”, says Dmitry Kharitonov, Innotech CEO.
MIRION can be used for composing client’s financial portrait. The platform is also an efficient tool for analyzing the document flow, pinpoint money laundering schemes, IT architecture modeling and building search queries. MIRION tracks legal, financial and beneficiary traces, analyses possible theories and highlights suspicious data.
“At its core MIRION is flexible which means the platform can be used for a wide range of tasks. Thanks to built-in graph analytics, MIRION is able to obtain full information on client and its financial circle. The platform is able to determine fraud incidents as well as assists in fighting money laundering activities by pinpointing the entire chain of counter agents. Our product provides a number of flexible search tools and utilizes a complex and efficient search query logic”, says Pavel Baburin, Director of Strategic Projects at Datatech.
The platform simplifies the analysis of interconnected data and optimizes decision making process which, in turn, allows to increase the speed of ongoing business operations. Additionally, MIRION provides an option to transfer gathered information into a database of a separate project, should a more detailed analysis be required.
Clients are offered a fully customized set of solutions as per their specific goals as well as integrations with third party services. The project team is able to provide additional support during the development and integration of new systems.