Innotech’s flagship product, the Digital Banking Platform, was recognized by ComNews as the best banking software of the year.
Today digital transformation involves the majority of industries and production chains and determines the development course of both modern economy and financial system. The speed of software development and integration became the key factor for successful digital evolution. Innotech’s cutting-edge solution, the Digital Banking Platform, fully meets today’s trends and helps financial organizations with further development.
The Digital Banking Platform became one of the key elements of large-scale banking projects. Thanks to extensive industry experience, Innotech was able to create a product that is able to adapt to any existing infrastructure limitations as well as fully meet the demands of banks and financial organizations.
Innotech’s product is a flexible solution for the dynamic development of digital interaction channels, allowing banks to bring a better customer experience at a minimal cost. The platform's openness enables freedom in alignment with any IT infrastructure. Integration speed is limited only by organization’s capabilities. The platform meets all client demand in regards to digital expertise and constantly increasing market requirements.
Open Banking API helps enhance the range of products and services. This opens up the possibility for expansion of client interaction scenarios. The technology allows to integrate partner solutions and offer them to end clients. This, in turn, helps a bank to establish a unified ecosystem and increase revenue from non-banking services.
The 11th ComNews Awards ceremony gathered leading experts across the IT industry. Together with jury members they highlighted companies with biggest contributions to the digital transformation of the national economy.