Datatech Announces the Appointment of Yuri Yevtushik as Chief Executive Officer

News room, Press release 29.03.2023
Datatech Announces the Appointment of Yuri Yevtushik as Chief Executive Officer
Yuri Yevtushik will be responsible for the development and implementation of the company's long-term strategy, as well as strengthening its leading status by creating IT solutions for data management. In addition, the new Chief Executive will be responsible for building relationships with local and international clients.

“The ability to work with big data is at the heart of the digital economy today. Datatech aims to simplify the process of information processing and to make analytics fast, transparent, and efficient, using import-independent technologies to ensure business continuity for our clients. The company always listens to partners and provides products that meet the market demands. It is an honour for me to lead such a professional and well-coordinated team. I am sure that together, we will be able to bring Datatech technologies to a new level”, comments Yuri Yevtushik on his new appointment.

Yuri has over 13 years of experience in high-tech senior positions and is highly knowledgeable about market conditions. He coordinated the development and implementation of new IT solutions for IBS and Asteros and has experience in crisis management and project development in the face of increasing need for import substitution.
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