Дина Гайзатуллина об итогах встречи Законодательного собрания с ИТ-компаниями

News room, 15.07.2022
July 14, IT business representatives and public authorities discussed a range of pressing industry-related issues at a meeting in St. Petersburg. The event was co-organised by the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg and RUSSOFT, a nonprofit association of software companies. Meeting participants included — Kirill Polyakov, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, and Dina Gayzatullina, Deputy Director General for Government Relations at Innotech and RUSSOFT's GR committee coordinator.

Besides, the discussion featured representatives of Nexign, Astra Group, RuNetSoft, BaseALT Free Software, Red Soft, Speech Technology Center, SearchInform and other businesses involved in Russia's digitalisation projects and working towards import independence.

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The meeting aimed to help the state structures quickly rebuild the support packages for companies and readjust business support conditions. The discussion centred around the development of the IT infrastructure, the trajectories for the companies' interaction with public authorities and the support for the IT industry and its software import substitution efforts involving St. Petersburg's key business sectors.

In March 2022, the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg launched a committee on youth policy, nonprofit organisations and digitalisation, which initiated the event. Andrei Malkov, the chairman of the committee, emphasised the importance of smooth interaction between the businesses, the public and the state authorities: "Considering the current economic agenda and the challenges the entire IT sector is facing, our committee members have prioritised the honing of a consistent dialogue between companies and public authorities. This will be instrumental in taking quick decisions and making relevant legislative and regulatory changes".


This year has seen the extra support that the state has been providing for IT companies, offering a vast range of benefits to ensure steady growth. "No other sector of national economy enjoys more support from public authorities and a more transparent dialogue between the stakeholders. This meeting just proves that. We are hoping it will spur a series of meetings with regional authorities to discuss the pressing issues the IT businesses are having to face and the proposals they come up with", stressed the meeting moderator Dina Gaizatullina, Deputy Director General for Government Relations at Innotech and RUSSOFT's GR committee coordinator.
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