The Kommersant media outlet and Association of Russian managers revealed the latest edition of their top-1000 best managers list which summarizes the most notable achievements and leaders on the Russian market.
This year the list includes:
Aleksey Volynkin, Deputy General Director and Business Development Director at Innotech
Igor Kalganov , former General Director at Innotech and current General Director at T1 Group.
At Innotech Aleksey is responsible for business development in Russia and CIS countries. He also coordinates partner liaison and corporate expansion worldwide.
“Today business development directors face a difficult challenge. Worldwide business community has changed, the usual rules don’t always work and we are forced to carefully plan ahead. Despite all the challenges, digital transformation goes on all over the world. Most companies chose bionic model for their development utilizing full potential of both new technologies and human capabilities. Constant innovations will become the foundation of future companies. Comprehensive and interlinked work with technologies, human talents and data will allow bionic companies to constantly introduce new products and services. This is the approach we are aiming for at Innotech”, - says Aleksey.
Innotech already managed to become one of the fintech leaders in Russia. Thanks to Aleksey, the company finalized its product portfolio and is now ready to provide services for a wide range of clients. Innotech’s current strategy assumes new sales in South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa due to fast population growth in these regions. Aleksey was responsible for leading the full-scale preparation for global expansion which included putting together the right team and conducting competitor analysis. The company already started working with new countries and territories. The latest cooperation with UZCARD, Uzbekistan’s leading payment provider is a great example.