Driving Digitalization for Banks Worldwide
What is Innotech?Innotech is a fast-growing high-tech IT company. Since 2020 we have been providing cutting edge software solutions for business digitalization.
2020 year of foundation
10000+ employees
15 MM + end users
What we do?Innotech builds partnerships with leading companies in the financial sector, offering them comprehensive solutions for front and back offices, modern fintech products and big data systems. Moreover, Innotech Group carries out custom-made technological projects of any complexity, helping its clients on the path of digital transformation.

Transform your banking vision into engagement with tangible value
  • Digital Banking Platform
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Open Banking API

Drive engagement and revenue with digital banking
Deliver rich, personalized services anytime, anywhere from any device
Bring your customers mobile experience to the next level
Create new revenue streams with partner ecosystem