"The pandemic provided a great impetus to the development of the Russian video conferencing market. These solutions are usually used by big companies with geographically distributed structures that see video conferences as an indispensable tool of interacting with their employees. The user community of these platforms is ever expanding," comments Alexey Volynkin, First Deputy CEO – Director for Business Development at Innotech. "In the current situation, we have to respond fast to the market requirements offering Russian solutions to support business continuity. DION architecture can, on the one hand, be a cloud service, but, on the other hand, ensure data security by storing files on the customer's side. Even now, the solution can support up to 1,000 conferences simultaneously. In the future, we intend to improve functionality of our product."
The Russian corporate video conferencing market has been growing rapidly over the last few years. This primarily stems from the transition to remote work which became prevalent during the pandemic. According to Kelly Services, a global staffing agency, only 36 % of their respondents worked in the office or workshop in January 2022, with the same number using the hybrid format and 22 % working from home only*. One of the key business processes converted to the electronic format by companies were meetings and negotiations. Currently, according to the research centre of the National Agency for Financial Studies, 79 % of the companies** use integrated solutions for video conferencing in their offices.
Innotech's latest product is a Russian-only solution meaning DION will always be available in Russia while also complying with all legal and regulatory requirements of the Russian law. The service can run on both iOS and Android. Users can also run a web-version.
You can learn more about DION and request a demo here.
  • Data for Moscow and Saint Petersburg
** The survey was conducted at SME's and big companies in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities with a million-plus population