Innotech and Datatech Present Digital Transformation Solutions for Banks at PLUS-Forum 2023 in Tashkent

Innotech and Datatech participated in the 3rd International PLUS-Forum "FinTech, Banks and Retail. Digital Transformation and Synergy" on June 21 to 22 in Tashkent. The event participants discussed key issues in digital transformation of the banking sector and the relations between the public sector and business in Uzbekistan.

Innovative Solutions for Business Digitalization

As leaders in digital business transformation, Innotech and Datatech presented their innovative solutions for the Uzbek market.
At its booth, Innotech introduced its flagship product, the Digital Banking Platform (DBP), a tool for the dynamic development of digital interaction channels between financial institutions and customers. With the platform, banks and other financial institutions can create and launch new services and products faster, thus meeting the current market challenges.
The group also demonstrated its MIRION graph platform, a tool that simplifies related data analysis and optimizes internal company processes.
The T1 CRM modular platform (by T1 Holding) was available at the Innotech booth. The solution is designed to automate key business cycles, including sales and customer service. It allows you to analyse financial indicators for effective management reporting and decision-making.
In addition, Innotech presented a technology consulting solution, including software engineering, auditing of existing systems, and quality assurance of software products. This comprehensive approach provides customers with all the resources they need to successfully launch and develop their projects.
Forum attendees also learned about Innotech's risk management products relevant to the local business environment. They can ensure effective process management and stability of operations in an ever-changing and unpredictable economic environment.

Big Data, AI and Other Digital Banking Tools

Pavel Baburin, Director for Strategic Projects, spoke at the forum's business program. In the session "Further Digitalization as a Global Trend in Banking Business," the speaker presented the DBP features by emphasizing its key advantages such as reduced time to market, faster product development, customization, new sources of revenue, effective x-cell and up-cell tools.
"DBP can deliver a consistent customer experience through all available customer channels. With an intuitive interface for product development, the solution simplifies complex technical operations when updating a client portfolio,” comments Pavel Baburin.
In the session "Big Data. Strategic Capital of the 21st Century," Alexander Chulapov, Head of Business Sales Support at Datatech, spoke about various approaches to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in finance. The speaker focused on the involvement of market leaders with a clear understanding of all industry-specific processes.
Innotech and Datatech have been participating in PLUS-Forum in Tashkent for the second year in a row. It is an important strategic platform enabling companies to present products to the local market, build partnerships in the region for corporate development and digitalization, and strengthen international cooperation.
PLUS-Forum 2023 was held in Tashkent, the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on June 21 to 22.