The flagship product by Innotech (part of T1 Holding) – Digital Banking Platform – has won the Priority: Digital 2023 National Award. The expert jury have given it the nod in the Financial Technologies category.
Digital Banking Platform (DBP), which is Innotech's flagship product, is a solution that helps financial institutions solve their business issues both locally and internationally without having to reshape their IT landscape. Digital Banking Platform is tailored to various scenarios of customer interaction with banking apps in different countries and can be adjusted to the target language and end user segment.
The product enables fast building of seamless user experience in micro apps, automates processes in various digital channels, dials down development costs and reduces time to market for new products down to 15 minutes. By leveraging ready-made Digital Banking Platform modules, financial organisations can set up end-to-end communication with the user across many channels: in the browser version, as a mobile app or a messaging tool. The platform implementation may prompt an 80+% spike in the number of online customers.
“Today, the pace of the Russian economy's digitalisation remains sensationally high, and the creation and implementation of import-independent technologies is becoming increasingly important, including in the finance. According to experts, over the past year, investments in domestic IT solutions have jumped more than 150%. We at Innotech are constantly seeking to meet business needs and creating competitive products that will contribute to our country's digital sovereignty. The fact that Digital Banking Platform won the Priority: Digital 2023 award emphasises the importance of our activity and motivates our team's aspiration to create IT products that would benefit our country, businesses and society,” comments Dmitry Kharitonov, CEO of Innotech.
One of the key features of Digital Banking Platform is Open Banking API. The ready-made platform modules help develop a single ecosystem and improve customer experience through a simple and fast process of expanding the range of financial and non-financial services. The software interface lets our partners obtain authorised access to the bank customers' financial information and provide additional services, monetising the data obtained. This is an effective tool for cross-selling, increasing the average purchase amount and creating new revenue sources.
The Priority: Digital 2023 national IT award was inaugurated by the Centre for the Development of Public Relations research company in 2023. Within the available award categories, an independent expert council extols the outstanding achievements of Russian companies in the development, implementation and promotion of advanced domestic tech across various industries, including IT.