Innotech (part of T1 Group), a leading supplier of innovative business digitisation solutions, has wonthe Digital Leaders Award as the IT Infrastructure Company of the Year. The Company's CEO Dmitry Kharitonov was recognized as the CEO of the Year in IT Industry at the Time of Innovation Awards.
Innotech was awarded the IT Infrastructure Company of the Year prize for its breakthrough in digital business solutions development in 2022. Today, Innotech's products help fintech companies develop customer services and automate their operations, as well as support the digital transformation of the customers' tech platforms. Innotech also designs and deploys software to resolve their customers' individual issues. The Company is working on new solutions and continues to be one of the most important IT leaders in Russia.
The experts named Dmitry Kharitonov as the CEO of the Year in IT Industry. Guided by Dmitry, Innotech has continued to grow rapidly — it now employs over 10,000 people from all over Russia, while actively expanding its product portfolio and customer pool.
"We're proud to be among the winners of this award again. Being the Company of the Year is a great honour and responsibility. Over the last 12 months we've come a long way — we've taken new products to the market and increased the Company's headcount to be able to help businesses on their journey to digital transformation more effectively. Personally, I see becoming a nominee and winner of the Time of Innovation Awards as a special honour and a high praise by the professional community. I can confidently say that Innotech will continue to design technologies of the future offering solutions to improve business efficiency and competitive edge," noted Dmitry Kharitonov, CEO at Innotech.
This is the second consecutive year Innotech wins the Time of Innovation Award: last year, the Company won the IT and Digital Technology award.
The Time of Innovation Award is given to the companies and their management for outstanding projects and practices in innovation implementation, development and promotion in various sectors. Digital Leaders Award is part of the Time of Innovation Awards focused on digital technology designed for all sectors and developed, implemented or used in the Russian Federation.
The awards were given on 8 December at the Time of Innovation Forum. Every year, the ceremony presents the best innovative and digital cases by the leading companies from Russia and the CIS countries. The speakers of the Forum included the most outstanding experts from the banking, investment, IT and government sectors.