Innotech, the leading provider of cutting-edge digital transformation solutions for business, announced the launch of the new all-in-one digital HR platform developed by its team. The new product is aimed to handle HR tasks across all stages of employee experience. Innotech’s solution allows to save time by automating routine operations as well as take care of complicated tasks using AI, Big Data and other technological approaches.
More than 1000 recruiters are already working with AIR on a regular basis. Using platform’s advantages, they manage to communicate with 1000+ candidates and get over 400 new specialists through the hiring cycle every day. AIR allows to digitally transform pre-boarding, onboarding adaptation and employee management.
According to Gartner, by 2024 it will be possible to automate over 69% of all business processes. This involves operations that require advanced decision making. AIR’s main goals include accelaration of hiring and specialist selection using advanced evaluation of candidates and effective team building recommendations. The platform also allows to optimize business expenses.
«Human resource is the key success factor for business development. We managed to put together a team of over 8000 highly skilled specialists in less than 2 years. Holding on to existing employees and their high motivation was also our big focus» - says Olga Dobryakova, Deputy General Director for Strategic Initiatives and Organizational Development.
She continues: «As an IT company developing cutting edge solutions we fully realize the potential benefits presented to businesses by new HR management technologies. This is why we created a product that allows to optimize HR operations with maximum efficiency. Our extensive experience with the new platform fully confirms its capabilities. We are confident AIR will allow to pinpoint new opportunities for growth and provide technological support for any company».
The comprehensive data collection approach across all stages allows to receive analytics with increased precision. Such method also simplifies interaction between employees and superiors by connecting recruiting, admisitration, development and motivation blocks into a single entity.
«The platform is a single window for all company employees. Leading managers can easily access all relevant information on their teams and initialize any kind of personnel changes. On the other hand, employees have a convenient tool for inquiries, proposals, recieveing benefits and communication. Furthermore, this is all wraped up under a game-like approach that leads to increased motivation» - says Alexander Fedorov, Head of Product Management at Innotech.
Among other platforms advanatages is an AI assistant recruiter that evaluates a candidate and hadles basic communications. Testing of further recommendations system improvements are already underway. Integration of these new algortyhms will make the platform even more effective and easy to use.