A total of six Innotech projects were recognized at the Global CIO “Project of The Year” Award for technological achievements. The award was presented to companies who worked on these projects together with the VTB bank and its technological partner, Innotech. Among other highlights were international education initiatives for fintech specialists.
Innotech worked together with the VTB bank on 5 out of 6 award winning projects. Among them are “Extended Unified Analytical Client Profile”, “Development of the VTB service platform”, “The Portal For Interactive Segment Management”, “Management of Transfer Management and Expenses”, and “The VTB API Platform: Development and Migration to the Russian-developed Software”.
As bank’s technological partner, Innotech has been actively involved in its digital transformation efforts over the last couple of years. The company’s solutions are aimed to meet business needs providing maximum efficiency and user experience.
The VTB API Platform became the winner in the “Best Foreign Software Replacement” nomination. The platform represents a comprehensive set of solutions for interconnected work of systems and teams of both the bank and its partners. This solution is based on Russian-developed software and represents unique product for the country’s market.
“Development of the VTB service platform” became the winner in the “Service and Outsourcing” nomination. It is the first 100% omnichannel platform on the Russian market that is based on microservice cloud-native architecture. The platform creation is an important step towards a platform-as-a-service concept. This new approach will be able to improve business scaling and commercialization of IT solutions. The service platform components are included on the Unified Registry of the Russian Software. The next award-winning project is “Extended Unified Analytical Client Profile”. This project was launched by the VTB bank in 2022. In total of 150 behavioral models were implemented to increase client interaction through improved personalization. Marketing communications were also improved which, in turned, helped solve a number of problems related to customer churn.
Up next is “The Portal For Interactive Segment Management”. This solution allowed to decrease resources for data processing from initial sources by 10%. The data correction process was also accelerated by 10%. Finally, the “Management of Transfer Management and Expenses” project became the winner in the “Company Management” nomination. This particular project represents a unique set of solutions aimed to highlight all paid and urgent products within settlement accounts of legal entities. It also allows for a more effective strategy to attract financial assets and create new products based on client settlement accounts.
“Innotech is especially proud to be recognized as award winner for projects that we worked on last year. 2022 was marked by large-scale digital transformation of our IT industry. As VTB’s technological partner we aim to develop solutions to increase both speed and convenience of bank’s internal processes. This, in turn, allows for a better client support. Together our teams we able to execute large-scale initiatives and introduce next generation services to millions of people”, — says Innotech CEO Dmitry Kharitonov.
The Global CIO editorial team alongside industry experts highlighted both Russian and international Innotech initiatives. Among them were educational projects for fintech specialists organized together with Uzbekistan’s leading payment provider Uzcard. These projects won the “Best project for fintech specialists’ training” nomination. Another initiative, “Startup Bridge”, represents a business accelerator for young business owners. This project is a great example of international cooperation and experience exchange. The high recognition of our projects by leading industry experts demonstrates Innotech’s potential to offer innovative solutions and execute important initiatives all over the world.
“We would like to thank the Global CIO community for the recognition of our international initiatives. Such awards motivate us to increase our digital transformation efforts and offer effective solutions to meet relevant challenges”, — says Innotech CEO Dmitry Kharitonov.
Global CIO is a professional community of digital transformation leaders. It consists of 10 000 members and plays a role of the key communications platform for IT top managers committed to digital transformation.
The “Project of the Year” Award represents an annual competition among key players in IT. It is held since 2012. This year the Award involved 434 projects that were supported by almost 3 500 votes from experts and business owners.