The Mirion graph platform created by Innotech (part of T1 Holding) has won the TAdviser IT Prize 2023, a national corporate information technology award, as Big Data: platform of the year.
Mirion is a graph analytics platform developed by Innotech to solve pressing problems in the financial sector including high-quality scoring of customers, mitigating the risks of fraudulent transactions, and assessing the creditworthiness of potential borrowers. The tool tracks legal, economic, and beneficiary relationships, analyses hypotheses regarding fraudulent schemes, and helps identify suspicious data.
Today, Mirion is a versatile platform that solves a wide range of business problems relevant not just for banks, but also for industrial companies. Thanks to graph algorithms, the tool carefully analyses everything related to the client and their environment. This allows you to use the IT product to build a user/organisation portrait. The platform can also be used to combat fraud and money laundering, analyse procurement procedures, and identify collusion or hidden links between companies.
"The importance of graph analytics in the market is greater than ever. Businesses constantly face complex tasks that require processing information with a complex structure and deep connections. The most illustrative example here is the fintech industry, the original focus of Mirion. However, the need for graph analytics is also present in industrial enterprises. Now our product can be scaled up to enhance and improve the efficiency of production and logistics processes,” comments Dmitry Kharitonov, CEO of Innotech.
The TAdviser IT prize is a national award established by TAdviser in corporate information technologies. The award organizers select the most effective IT projects by monitoring the achievements of companies and industry professionals.
The award ceremony took place on May 30 in Moscow at TAdviser SummIT.