Innotech, a leading supplier of hi-tech business digitisation solutions, presented its innovative solutions at Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 15–18. This year, the business programme paid special attention to business transformation in the new normal, import substitution, HR policy and business process digitisation.
Focus on Import Substitution in IT
Import substitution in all sectors of the Russian economy was one of the hottest topics at Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum 2022. Representatives of IT companies discussed the development of local software and other innovative products during the "FINTECH-2022: Beyond the Horizon" open discussion hosted by the Vedomosti publishing house. Dmitry Kharitonov, CEO of Innotech, also took part in the discussion.
"In the current geopolitical situation, when many foreign companies halt supplies to Russia, the issue of local solutions development becomes paramount. Over the last month, we have gone through a number of painful processes related to the exit of foreign companies. However, Russia has all the resources it needs to develop its own high-tech products without leaning on the Western solutions. As a result, it will take the country to the whole new level on the global IT scene and will kick-start breakthrough expansion of the Russian IT industry,"notes Dmitry Kharitonov.
Solutions by Innotech
The world is now witnessing a rapid digitisation of all spheres of life, and business needs modern technology more than ever — to respond to the challenges in a timely and efficient manner. At Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum 2022, Innotech's booth exhibited a few new products capable of resolving business problems. For example, AIR — a smart HR-Tech platform designed to manage personnel and resolve any HR-related tasks, or DION — a video conferencing service with hybrid cloud infrastructure and focus on security.
The AIR platform is a unique product that can automate the key HR tasks at each step of the employee's lifecycle within the company, thus saving the time for HR professionals. AIR allows businesses to digitise personnel pre-boarding, onboarding, adaptation, and management to significantly accelerate the hiring process and help new employees become part of the team in a more efficient manner.
The DION video conferencing service is another all-Russian solution for remote meetings and conferences from anywhere in the world. In addition, Innotech IT experts made a point of secure data storage: all confidential information is stored within the customer's company. Although cloud-based, the system ensures sensitive data security. The system allows for conferences with up to 1,000 participants and an unlimited number of webinar rooms, as well as noise suppression and a high quality of sound and video, even with low signal. Over 50,000 people use the service on a daily basis.
In addition, Innotech's booth featured the company's flagship product — the Digital Banking Platform. It is a flexible solution for dynamic development of digital customer interaction channels. It allows banks to maximise customer service at minimum cost without the need to rebuild the entire IT landscape. Being transparent, the platform is fully compatible with any type of IT infrastructure. Banks can use it to add new products and services for both retail and business customers in a matter of days.
Russia's Role on the Global Technology Market
On June 18, the IT breakfast devoted to "IT Leadership — Alliance between Russian and Emerging Countries" took place as part of the Forum. Igor Kalganov who resigned as Innotech's CEO only recently took part in the conference in his new position of T1 Group's CEO. At the breakfast, the participants discussed Russia's role on the global market of information and communication technologies.
The volatile global situation, sanctions and exit of the foreign companies — all these difficulties have had an impact on the Russian IT market. However, as practice shows, the Russian vendors have successfully adapted to these changes. Russia has every chance of taking the lead in the technological development in the Middle East, South-East Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The participants talked about the current challenges and opportunities for local companies and the state support measures the industry needs to become a successful IT leader.