Innotech (part of T1 Holding) took part in the 8th conference, "The Digital Market of Industrial Russia" (CIPR). At the CIPR conference, business leaders discussed the implementation of domestic technologies and their digitalisation prospects for the Russian manufacturing industry.
Innotech's Industrial Enterprise Solutions
At CIPR-2023, Innotech presented the Model Optimiser, a unique tool with the potential to be the first import-independent Russian optimisation solution. It is based on a mathematical approach and a well-developed IT architecture, which have proven their effectiveness in the financial industry. But the Optimiser's capabilities have also been expanded to benefit the current economic market. Now the tool can solve business issues of any complexity ranging from financial strategies to efficient production processes.
The conference participants also learned about the capabilities of another Innotech product, the Mirion graph platform. This product is designed to explore the relations of both the client and their contacts and simplify the decision-making process in situations where relations are crucial. You can also use Mirion to build a client profile, analyse materials, combat money laundering or model an IT architecture. The tool tracks legal, economic, and beneficiary relations, analyses hypotheses regarding fraudulent schemes, and helps identify suspicious data.
Andrey Gulidin, Deputy CEO and Director of Business Development at Innotech, spoke at CIPR-2023 about the crucial role of Russian IT companies in digitalisation support. He emphasises that Innotech continues to expand its expertise and implement digitalisation projects in various economic sectors both at the local and global level.
The Path towards Technological Sovereignty in the Current Market
On the first day of the CIPR-2023 conference, Dmitry Kharitonov, CEO of Innotech, took part in the session "Industrial and Commercial Software: One Year Later." This session was organised by the Kommersant publishing house. The experts discussed how the Russian IT market evolved after Western vendors had left the market. Dmitry Kharitonov notes that when seeking import-independent software, it is important to not just create copies of foreign solutions, but to instead create next-generation IT products in accordance with current business needs. He emphasises that Innotech solutions have customisation options to meet the needs of a wide range of customers from various market sectors.
"A new period of global transformation has begun for Russian IT, which will certainly lead to positive changes and revolutionary development of Russian technologies. The industry has every opportunity to develop its own competitive products. At the same time, when developing the functionality of these solutions, we shouldn't simply copy Western analogues. The market in Russia and abroad welcomes alternative options with interest. We are confident that over the long term, the current situation will stimulate the development of domestic technologies for several market sectors in both the Russian Federation and its friendly countries,” comments Dmitry Kharitonov, CEO of Innotech.
As part of CIPR-2023, leaders of digital development also attended the Forbes business dinner. The event focused on the healthy functioning of all economic sectors and the effective implementation of advanced Russian technologies for successful digital transformation at all stages. Representatives of the telecom, oil and gas, IT and other industries discussed what decisions could increase business resilience and economic growth. Igor Kalganov, CEO of T1 Holding, presented the study "Public Digital Maturity of Industries" conducted by T1 Holding's analytical agency. This study uses a comprehensive, universal approach to the digital B2B maturity of key Russian market sectors based on analyses of 360 companies from different sectors. Finally, in his speech, Dmitry Kharitonov presented how manufacturing challenges could be solved with Russian fintech products.