Dmitry Kharitonov, CEO of Innotech (part of T1 Holding), took part in the session "Industrial and Commercial Software: One Year Later." The discussion was organised by the Kommersant publishing house as part of the CIPR-2023 conference.
During the session, Dmitry Kharitonov spoke about how solutions created for fintech can also spur digital transformation in other fields, including the industrial sector. Dmitry emphasized that when seeking import-independent software, it is important to not just create copies of foreign solutions, but to instead create next-generation IT products in accordance with current business needs. Innotech has accumulated significant experience in such projects, so the company always considers the potential of future scalability needs for a wide range of customers from various sectors of the market. For example, the Model Optimiser developed by the company's team helps businesses to solve problems on several levels from financial strategies to production processes. According to the Innotech estimates, optimising of even one tenth of production processes can save tens or even hundreds of millions of rubles.
"A new period of global transformation has begun for Russian IT, which will certainly lead to positive changes and revolutionary development of Russian technologies. The industry has every opportunity to develop its own competitive products. At the same time, when developing the functionality of these solutions, we shouldn't simply copy Western analogues. The market in Russia and abroad welcomes alternative options with interest. We are confident that over the long term, the current situation will stimulate the development of domestic technologies for several market sectors in both the Russian Federation and its friendly countries,” said Dmitry Kharitonov, CEO of Innotech.
During the session, Dmitry Kharitonov also shared his successful experience introducing his own technological solutions and business services to the Uzbek market. Over the past year, the team has implemented many projects, and continues to expand its collaboration with various representatives of local businesses and government agencies. Dmitry Kharitonov emphasized that Innotech is planning to expand its expertise in friendly countries where partners are interested in Russia's technological experience.
The session organized by Kommersant was also attended by some of the most significant representatives of the IT industry, including Alexander Podryabinnikov, VP and Director of Corporate Customer Relations at Rostelecom; Alexey Smirnov, Chairman of the Board of Directors at BaseALT SPO; and Stanislav Iodkovsky, CEO of IVA Technologies. The participants discussed the timeline of the domestic industrial software transition, the current needs of market stakeholders, the export potential of Russian solutions, the difficulties of software import substitution in narrow fields, and new business opportunities in the current environment.