Innotech, the leading provider of digital transformation solutions for business, now offers its products through Russoft.ru software marketplace
At the moment 3 Innotech products are available on the platform:
• DION, a video communications platform that focuses on security and is based on hybrid cloud. • Comitet Online, a solution that helps collegiate bodies organize and conduct meetings. • AIR, an all-in-one HR-platform aimed to automate all HR operations.
“The expansion of Russoft’s product offerings is a great indicator that demonstrates our country is increasing its technological independence. Thanks to the new platform, companies can obtain detailed information on products from the unified software registry and pick the solution that suits best their specific needs. The addition of Innotech products opens new opportunities to engage with our clients. I am convinced that going forward we’ll be able to offer our solutions to an even bigger number of companies from Russia and abroad”, said Andrey Gulidin, Deputy CEO and Business Development Director at Innotech. The Russoft.ru marketplace is developed by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. At the moment it offers more than 1000 business solutions. The marketplace is aimed to encourage the IT development in Russia as well as software exports.
Innotech joined the RUSSOFT association in February 2022. Since then the company has been playing an active role in the tech industry initiatives and encouraged the development of Russian software.