DION video conferencing service has become the main platform for video broadcasts by Russia-24 TV channel

News room, Press release 04.05.2023
DION video conferencing service has become the main platform for video broadcasts by Russia-24 TV channel

Innotech (part of T1 Group) has announced a collaboration with Russia-24 TV channel. The company's product — DION video conferencing service — will be used as the main system for transmissions, live broadcasts and live coverage by correspondents.

Innotech and Russia-24 news channel have entered into a three-year partnership agreement. The DION video conferencing service will ensure high-quality audio and video communications for the TV channel, in particular if the signal is weak or inconsistent, as well as adaptive streaming with uninterrupted broadcasting on different devices. The DION configuration will allow Russia 24 employees to work live using special equipment, and to have internal conferences in personalized virtual rooms.

Russia-24 TV channel has been using the DION video conferencing service to record experts' comments and live coverage by correspondents since December 2022. According to the channel's employees, DION's main advantage is a user-friendly and intuitive interface (both in browser and mobile versions) and the high quality of the DION signal.

"Innotech designs multifunctional IT products that successfully resolve conventional tasks while also improving complex processes. The DION video conferencing service functionality is not limited to calls and video conferences. The platform can also be used in specialized applications, in particular for the media industry, which requires advanced video streaming capabilities. The country's leading news channel entrusts the quality of its broadcasts to DION. This motivates us to further develop the product and design new innovative features,” comments Dmitry Kharitonov, CEO at Innotech.

"Our TV channel broadcasts 24/7 across Russia and abroad, so uninterrupted broadcasting, without image and sound distortion, is of paramount importance. We tested a number of video conferencing services and decided to continue working with DION by Innotech. The product was highly praised by the channel's Technical Service and became one of the main platforms for preparing materials for TV broadcasting. Our employees also appreciated that they could use the DION service without registration — this is a definitive advantage when working with guests during live broadcasts. DION further improved broadcasting quality and made it more innovative,” comments Alexey Kazakov, Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Russia-24 TV channel.

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